Best Resources to Learn Ruby on Rails in 2017

Hello there ! In previous post I wrote Why Should you choose Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I hope you would be looking for learning resources to get started and become next Rails Developer. Or if you haven’t read my previous post, you can go back and read Why Learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails in 2017. In this post I’ll provide you with learning resources to teach yourself Ruby and Ruby on Rails, all the way from beginner to a professional level. And the good news is all these resources are FREE ! So let’s just get started.

Learn Ruby First

A lot of people say that you should just get started with Rails without learning Ruby first. But that’s a whole lot of Nope ! You gotta learn Ruby first before you learn Rails as we first learn to walk before we run πŸ™‚ So Let’s explore the free online resources to teach yourself Ruby programming language.


Well, the first one is the list on the Ruby course on Codecademy. As you may know, Codecademy’s teaching style is pretty hands on and it walks you through the concepts step by step. This very nature of the platform makes it pretty perfect for the beginners.

Code School

Code School
CodeSchool is another interactive platform for learning to code for beginners. Code School contains courses related to Web Development, based on all levels, both paid and free.
The Ruby Course , that we are concerned with here however, is FREE. Course is divided into several levels, covering the basics and essentials of the language in form of Coding challenges. You’re provided with an interactive console(almost identical to irb console) inside the browser, which makes it look cool and gives an awesome learning experience πŸ™‚ You progress through the course as you complete the challenges.

Learn Ruby the Hard Way


Well, once you’re comfortable with the Ruby’s syntax and its basics, it would be nice to challenge yourself a bit and dig a little deep into Ruby Programming concepts. Learn Ruby the hard Way is a comprehensive and rather deep overview of the Ruby Programming concepts. Book can be read online, you can buy the copy of it if you wish however.

Ruby Docs

Another way to teach yourself Ruby Programming is via Ruby’s Official Documentation.Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can always consult the docs as a reference for learning new concepts and trying out new things, especially if you’re the one who’s comfortable learning via documentations.

Learn Rails

Once you’re comfortable with Ruby programming language, you can go ahead and start learning Rails. Since Rails is built using Ruby programming language, you would be comfortable learning Rails. Following is the list of useful FREE resources to teach yourself Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl

Ruby on Rails tutorial
When it comes to learning Rails, Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl is the most popular and best resource to get started. It is by far the most updated Rails tutorial out there on the internet. The course is available in form of an online readable book and updated according to the latest Rails edition (current edition of Rails is 5.0.1). The course walks you through the Rails and its workflow comprehensively which gives an ultimate overview of web app development in Rails web framework by building a sample social media app from scratch. Anyone who wish to become a Rails developer, this book/tutorial is a must read !

Ruby on Rails Specialization on Coursera

Since last couple of years, MOOCs(Massive open source online courses) platforms have done a tremendous job to teach the tech skills worldwide. Coursera is the largest MOOC network on the internet. Coursera’s “Ruby on Rails Specialization” is a complete package to become a full stack Ruby on Rails Developer. The specialization contains courses related to Ruby on Rails basics, Rails Active Record and Action Pack, MongoDB services integration with Rails,HTML, CSS, JS, and SPA development using AngularJS. If you wish to become a full stack Rails developer in a long run, Ruby on Rails Specialization is just the right track for you.

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is another open source and free resource to become a full-stack Rails Web Developer. Basically it’s a curated list of free and open source learning resources to teach yourself Web Development from the scratch to a professional full stack Rails Developer. The curriculum contains several challenges and Projects which you can showcase in a portfolio. On the average it comprises of a 6 months curriculum however it totally depends upon one’s learning curve to finish it early or late. You can get started right here right now. This would be challenging though πŸ™‚

Agile Development using Ruby on Rails on eDX

Agile Development using Ruby on Rails is a two course, Xseries programming of eDX (Just like Coursera’s Specialization program). The purpose of this program is to teach you the industry proven best Agile software Development methodologies. This program is the best way to learn the software development fundamentals practically. This program is definitely not for beginners. If you wish to take this program I suggest you to have a solid background of programming in Ruby and Rails. (Course enrollment is probably closed currently, but it would be available for registration soon).

Rails Guide

Just like Ruby Docs, Rails Guides is a very decent resource for referencing and learning new things. No matter what level are you on, I’d recommend to regularly consult Rails guide for help and learning.

So in summary, there are tons of free online resources available to teach yourself Ruby on Rails and become a professional Rails Developer. Of-course there would be more resources out there on the internet, as these are not the only one you can use. These are the resources which I think can be helpful to you in your learning process. Do you know any learning resource which you find useful other than those ? Do let me know in comments. For further queries and feedback, feel free to email [email protected]

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